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Well, you learn something new every day. Yesterday I attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland, CA which was the very last place I thought I’d learn a new tidbit of Irish history but I was mistaken. One of the speakers had just returned from the North of Ireland. He butchered the pronunciation of Sinn […]

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Breithlá sona dhom!

My other more consistent blog is one year old today! To celebrate, here are the top 10 posts that I’m most proud of in its first year, all in one place.

Choosing the Green

This blog, Choosing the Green – Roghnú Glas is officially one year old today. My, how the time flies…

When I began this little project, the intention was to have a little place to put all of my Irish heroes, stories, news and photos in one place—and that is exactly what I’ve done—but I did not expect, support from other larger blogs, a Facebook page or any readers at all, for that matter. I just needed a proverbial tree to carve my love into and I didn’t really expect it to grow like it has over the last year. I am humbled by your interest, your  comments and your support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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New York

Next week I am returning to the big apple for a very brief visit. I will be fortunate enough to see Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (CAN’T WAIT!)  and another production that has left many friends speechless called Sleep No More. However, I have very little practical experience in the Big Apple, having been there only once. I am looking forward to checking out the Poetry House and stopping into the White Horse for a pint or 2 to round out a literary day – but am looking for other things that I simply HAVE to do.

5 years ago I trekked through Prospect and Central Park, hit Ellis Island for a little history lesson and left a flower at the WTC for a lost friend. Is there anything else anyone thinks of as the one thing you simply have to do while you’re in New York?


Sometimes I write articles and places for publication online in the Atlas Obscura, a compendium of strange and unusual travels. Most of the time, they tend to be short blurbs but sometimes it includes longer articles and lists. I will likely be using this blog to expound upon those entries and to indulge the writer in me who likes more history and longer pieces but if you’re interested in more of the short and sweet, you can find me here too.