Breithlá sona dhom!

My other more consistent blog is one year old today! To celebrate, here are the top 10 posts that I’m most proud of in its first year, all in one place.

Choosing the Green

This blog, Choosing the Green – Roghnú Glas is officially one year old today. My, how the time flies…

When I began this little project, the intention was to have a little place to put all of my Irish heroes, stories, news and photos in one place—and that is exactly what I’ve done—but I did not expect, support from other larger blogs, a Facebook page or any readers at all, for that matter. I just needed a proverbial tree to carve my love into and I didn’t really expect it to grow like it has over the last year. I am humbled by your interest, your  comments and your support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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I was writing my own rant, and may still post it, but this says it all better than I could.

The Adventures of the Terminally Snarky

So here’s the deal. I am angry. Furious. Enraged. Livid. The fact that it is 2015 and it is still possible for me or any of my black friends to have our lives destroyed by supposed servants of the people simply because we are black makes me truly, deeply, painfully angry. The fact that these careless murderers, these state-backed assassins rarely get punished for murdering black people makes me want to flip tables. All of the tables. I’m right there with the rioters in Baltimore, is what I am trying to say. I want to break the windows of cop cars. I want to set shit on fire. I want to flip tables, throw rocks, pound concrete, rage against this system that has perpetuated itself BECAUSE REMAINING QUIET ONLY FUELS THE ENGINE THAT MAKES OPPRESSION POSSIBLE.

Metropolis - Moloch Machine

So when you tell me that racism is shitty, but you’d really prefer if…

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The Women of 1916

Choosing the Green

It is estimated that at least 200 women were involved in the Easter Rising of 1916, many more than previously thought. Their roles varied as widely as the women themselves – and ranged from the traditional fundraisers, cooks, and nurses, to the more unexpected roles of sharpshooters, spies, smugglers, and experts on explosives.  A decent effort has been made over the last few years to give them credit for the part they played in the fight for Irish freedom, but sadly, they are still largely absent from many of the narratives.

Worse still is when a historian refers to the women as “great supporters” or “brilliant fundraisers” or “backbones”. These statements are true, but they still have an air of dismissal even amidst the recognition. They still show women in supportive or secondary roles and ignore the fact that many of them saw themselves as rebels, fighters, and soldiers in…

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Love, Marriage, and Immigration

Choosing the Green

A few months ago, I shared a love story.  My dear friend Jody found the man of her dreams through the magic of technology. Unfortunately for the two of them, Kevin was half a world away in Raheny on the outskirts of Dublin and Jody was here in California. Trips between the United States and Ireland can get pretty expensive relatively quickly. At some point in the future Kevin might have moved away from Raheny but he did not want to come to America at all. That was never in the plan. However, even the best laid plans change and he did end up coming here for Jody. At first, everyone on both sides of the puddle worried a bit but there was no need. Kevin is delightful and Jody has never been happier. I was thrilled for them when they got married a few months after his arrival at San Francisco…

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Black Lives Matter

When I was a little girl my best friend was a boy named Clarence. We played together every day and I still remember the smoky, warm cadence of his mother’s voice as she read to us. I  also remember being told that my friendship with Clarence was going to change once we started school because he was black and I was white. I doubt either one of us would have noticed that fact for years if not for that conversation, as it was simply not something we recognized. As children, we were colorblind. I will never forget the confusion and anger I felt, not understanding why anything had to change at all. I remember the defiance I felt – feeling sure that Clarence and I would be best friends until we grew up and got married. I was 4. I was too young for anyone to steal my naivety and I was angry that anyone doubted our love. In retrospect, it was probably the first moment in my life that truly shaped who I have become.

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In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month, my roommate – a fellow writer and all around fabulous person – decided to find a lump in her breast. Early detection is always key and in that she is lucky but she is also pregnant and cannot do radiation therapy. She is looking at a bilateral mastectomy in her mid to late thirties and dealing with all of it within 3 weeks, since this kind of tumor feeds on pregnancy hormones. It will quickly spread if it is not taken care of immediately and could effect the child growing in her belly, which she has wanted desperately.

My friends and I pride ourselves on being able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and thrive, no matter what is thrown at us. We rarely ask for help and we try to take care of our own but this is bigger than we can manage. The Bay Area of California is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country and while we are all circling the wagons and doing what we can, she needs some serious help with this double whammy of a diagnosis.

If you were planning to make a donation to Breast Cancer this month, I humbly ask you to donate here. And if you were planning on sharing a post about Awareness, please consider sharing this fundraiser.