Breithlá sona dhom!

My other more consistent blog is one year old today! To celebrate, here are the top 10 posts that I’m most proud of in its first year, all in one place.

Choosing the Green

This blog, Choosing the Green – Roghnú Glas is officially one year old today. My, how the time flies…

When I began this little project, the intention was to have a little place to put all of my Irish heroes, stories, news and photos in one place—and that is exactly what I’ve done—but I did not expect, support from other larger blogs, a Facebook page or any readers at all, for that matter. I just needed a proverbial tree to carve my love into and I didn’t really expect it to grow like it has over the last year. I am humbled by your interest, your  comments and your support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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