Oh Captain, My Captain

Oh Captain, My Captain.



Festival Interceltique 2014



Festival Interceltique Festival Interceltique

Sometimes we need reminding that – whatever our origins – we are not just Irish but Celts too, one of the indigenous peoples of north-western Europe. From a report by the Irish Times newspaper:

“At the Festival Interceltique, President Michael D Higgins was warmly received as the only head of state of a Celtic country. But what does Ireland have in common with the seven Celtic regions: Brittany, Asturias, Cornwall, Galicia, the Isle of Man, Wales and Scotland?

“In my view, the centrality of the thing is the sea; the sea as the space which was travelled,” Mr Higgins said. “The Celts of Europe travelled much longer and farther than previously thought. They brought back pieces of culture and lodged them on the periphery.”

Ireland is regarded as the leader of Celts to the extent that its language is constitutionally recognised and protected, Mr Higgins said.


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